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SEO Specialist

Hiring someone that knows Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is different than someone that is a SEO Specialist.  It’s easy to train anyone to write a title tag or meta tag, but that’s only one very small part of the equation.

An SEO specialist can still have many other skills, but first and foremost understands “all the facets” of SEO and also the ever-changing Google algorithm and technology landscape.   A SEO specialist must keep on top of their SEO skills daily by reading up on the latest trends, attending SEO related conferences throughout the year, and have current hands on experience in all facets of SEO.

If you partner with the right SEO Specialist, your performance will improve month over month.   For myself, I’ve help produced real results with over 100,000’s of new visitors from my efforts for some clients.  I’ve attained not just keyword “rankings” for highly competitive industries, but also real customers coming to your website.

Why SEO?

Here are just a few reasons why SEO is more effective than most advertising channels:

  • Real customers ready to buy looking for products or service you offer
  • Identify long-term trends that can be applied to your business
  • Target high return markets (by keyword)
  • Capture the most conversions at the lowest possible cost
  • Unlimited traffic potential, you do not pay for each visit
  • In fact you do not pay Google a dime, you only pay for consulting services that add equity to your website and that bring in real customers
  • If you are not there, your competitor is (by being there you push down at least one competitor off the first page)
  • Credibility! Being in the organic vs. paid listings shows value and credibility in your company (People will wonder why you aren’t in the search engines when your competitors are)
  • Reputation! The less positive buzz you have in the search engines, the higher chance negative buzz about you can surface

SEO not only brings you direct immediate revenue, but as a by-product you will be receiving future customers (people who see your website now may buy later in the year).

In addition, because of all the online data at your disposal, a seasoned professional with business acumen can give you insights that will help guide changes of your website and even other marketing materials.  In fact with PPC traffic and conversion data, I have help guide new ways to position a Client’s product to grow profitability in many areas outside of SEO.

Why Use an SEO Specialist?

Your time is valuable and has an opportunity cost.

Growing your company means you need to lead the ship, each major decision you make can result hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future revenue.   You need to free up your time to find new product or service areas of growing your business.

And how can we forget, that “Technology” changes quickly and often!  Minor SEO algorithms and techniques changes every month, major changes happens several times a year.  One technique you read about which may have been written 6 months ago may no longer work at the time you read it.

This is why partnering with an SEO Specialist is so important to the profitability of your company.

Why Me?

I have over 17 years of professional experience, growing revenue for each company I worked with worked with. I have made a significant impact on many businesses trying to reach the next level, by integrating the Internet with sound marketing principles to achieve added success.

I have worked for companies like Xerox, Oracle, Citibank, as well as many other Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous startups.

I’m experienced, but also affordable.  I am not the cheapest, but I am the most affordable for the highest level of quality.  I also do not focus on clicks, but rather I focus on quality results that drive real revenue growth for your company.

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