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Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC) Consultant Expert Resume

Arboretum Systems

I served as the VP of Sales and E-Commerce and in charge of their website design, E-Commerce and overall sales.

I ranked these words #1 in all the major search engines:

noise reduction software (out ranking Dolby and competitors 100 times our size)
sound editing software
sound effects editing software
mac audio editing software
hyperprism (one of our key products)
ionizer (our software ranking beat out multi-million dollar Ionizer consumer products)
With hundreds of additional keywords.

I received a letter of recommendation from the CEO and verbal recommendations from the CTO. I was awarded 2% equity in this company for my efforts, and helping to grow sales grow by 300% over 4 years. Companies such as Apple, Adaptec and other fortune 500 companies have approached Arboretum Systems for licensing and partnerships.

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